Best Courses for You


Cyber Security Course

1. Introduction to Cyber Security .
2. Fundamentals of Cyber Security
3. Introduction to Linux
4. Basics of Linux
5. Penetration and Vulnerability Testings
6. Tools of Penetration
7. Types of Cyber Attacks.
8. Bugs Bounty
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Ethical Hacking Course

1. Introduction to OS
2. Introduction to Ethical Linux
3. Types of Hacking
4. Ethical Hacking , fundamentals and practicing policies.
5. Different types of Hacking Tools
6. Information Gathering
7. Web application analysis
8. Exploitation tools
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WordPress Course

WordPress is most common and easiest platform for website development. Mostly people use it for the portfolio sites and simple services providing portfolio. But WordPress is also use for e-commerce business such as online stores. Learn WordPress with and start building websites and start earning.


Marketing for All is providing a Marketing course for all, which means anybody can learn and start his own products/services marketing. Online and Offline marketing and its tools, techniques, market analysis and consumer behavior is also  include in the course.